Good Yom Tov!

Welcome to the ArtScroll Library / Mesorah Publications, Ltd.


We wish you and your family a "Chag Kasher Vesameach" — a happy and a healthy Passover!

Passover is the Holiday that celebrates the selection of the Jewish People as a Holy nation. We were freed from the bondage of Egypt in order to be free to serve G-d and to celebrate his Holy Days.

As we proclaim is the Holiday service (ArtScroll Siddur page 663) — " ... You sanctified us with Your commandments. You drew us close, our King, to Your service and proclaimed Your great and Holy Name upon us."

As a result this site rests on the the Sabbath and Holidays and does not perform e-commerce.

We are sorry about any inconvenience this may cause, but ArtScroll / Mesorah's mission has always been to preserve our Tradition and to educate the Jewish people of their beautiful heritage.

Because of this holy mission and in keeping with the living spirit of the Torah, we have respectfully closed this site on our eternal Holy Days.

Please visit us again as of Wednesday night, 8:30 PM (New York City Time).