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ArtScroll.com Associate Linking Methods

There are a five linking methods for Associates to use to link to ArtScroll.com. The two methods that require the least amount of effort on your part are: The first is an Easy Media Friendly link;The second is the home page link, where your visitors click on a banner or link on your site and are transported to the ArtScroll.com home page - where they will immediately experience the full impact of the ArtScroll.com site

But the best way to increase your sales is to give specific recommendations of your favorite, hand-picked products, or to recommend specific pages on the site. You can even create your own ArtScroll store, where you would create your own pages arranging the products any way you like. We will even supply you with the product graphics. You can even include a button to let visitors add products to their shopping carts directly from your page.

However you choose to link your visitors to our site, there are two things you should know:

  1. Any shopping your visitors do once they enter from your site will be credited to you.
  2. Your visitors can move from your site to ours and back again, over and over, without losing the items they've placed in their shopping carts. They can even come back up to a week later and find the contents of their cart still there!

The instructions on the following pages supply you with the code that lets you participate in the ArtScroll.com Associates program. You will have to copy and paste this code into your own page. Don't forget to follow the instructions about substituting your ArtScroll.com Associates ID into the code.

All the ArtScroll.com Associate linking methods:

  1. Method #1 - Link to the ArtScroll.com home page
  2. Method #2 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com page
  3. Method #3 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com product
  4. Method #4 - Add specific ArtScroll.com products directly to a shopping cart
  5. Method #5 - Easy Media Friendly ArtScroll.com Links

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