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ArtScroll Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

• All regular retail customers are eligible to participate in the ArtScroll Loyalty Program.
•By participating in ArtScroll’s loyalty program, you agree to accept all terms and conditions

•The Loyalty Program applies toward purchases made on your ArtScroll account.
• Gift Certificate purchases do not qualify for reward points.

For every dollar in net purchases (net purchases are merchandise purchased minus returns and adjustments) charged to your Account you will earn 1 Point. Shipping charges and sales tax do not earn points. Points will be credited to your Loyalty Account’s Program balance. For every 200 Points earned you will be eligible to redeem a $10 credit to use at

There is no limit to the amount of Points you can earn.

Loyalty points earned but not used towards a $10 reward credit will expire 24 months after your last purchase if your Account has been inactive (i.e., there has been no purchase activity on your Account) for 24 months.


• You can redeem a $10 credit online or by phone.
• Reward Credits can be used with any promotional offer.
• Reward Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent, and cannot be applied to past purchases.
• If you return merchandise purchased with Reward Credits, the dollar value of the Reward Credit will be credited to your Account to be used for a future purchase.
• Additional restrictions may also apply.

General Terms for Using Reward Credits: Reward Credits are not transferable to anyone else. You cannot combine your benefits with the benefits accrued by any other Loyalty Program participant. Points and Reward Credits have no cash value and are purely promotional. Reward Credits cannot be used retroactively for prior purchases. You do not have any right, title, or interest in your Points or the Reward Credits.

Removal From or Modification/Termination of Loyalty Program:

We reserve the right to remove any person from the Loyalty Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with this Program. We reserve the right to change or terminate the Loyalty Program at any time and in any manner without notice.