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If you are registered as an associate, please Sign in  and we will update this page with your Associate ID information.

Once you become an an associate you will replace your_associates_id with the unique Associates ID that you will be assigned. You will receive an e-mail containing your unique Associates ID after your online application is approved.


Friendly Associates Links for Media Use

We have devised a method of creating easy to use and easy to remember associate links. This is very effective for use in a fundraising letter or on a poster or even on the radio! Instead of having a long, complicated and un-memorable address for your associates program, you can use a shortened one, by following the method below.

As soon as you receive the approval of your Associates Application you can use any one of the following shortened versions in any print or verbal media:

  1. ArtScroll.com/your_associates_id
    i.e. Visit ArtScroll.com/your_associates_id and support our Shul
  2. www.ArtScroll.com/your_associates_id
    i.e. Visit www.ArtScroll.com/your_associates_id and support our Shul
  3. https://www.artscroll.com/your_associates_id
    i.e. Visit https://www.artscroll.com/your_associates_id and support our Shul

All three of these formats will work in any browser. The difference in format is only stylisitic and which one you will use, will depend on how internet saavy your audience is. People tend to indentify the "www." or "http://" prefix as being the start of a web address in many places.

When someone types in any one of these three into a web browser, the person will be transfered to the ArtScroll.com home page. At the same time, our system will track that this customer originated entered the site from an Associate link using your associates ID. You will receive a commission on all orders resulting from this link!

Methods 2 and 3 when used in an email - tend to be converted into a link by most email clients. So if you want to include a link in an email mailing to generate sales to your associates account - you can use one of them.

All the ArtScroll.com Associate linking methods:

  1. Method #1 - Link to the ArtScroll.com home page
  2. Method #2 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com page
  3. Method #3 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com product
  4. Method #4 - Add specific ArtScroll.com products directly to a shopping cart
  5. Method #5 - Easy Media Friendly ArtScroll.com Links

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